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dinsdag 10 april 2007

SAMER 2007

This weekend, Samer was the place to be for anyone interested, or involved in the art of caricatures.
We had a great weekend, one of the best and funniest of my life.I'll show you some pictures, there are more to come, I can assure you that.
Here I am with Robert Justin.We were asked to do a caricature of Abbé Pierre.I did mine on A3 size, framed it, and gave it as a present to him. He even liked it....

This is the group of caricaturists on arrival, and some locals who were all to keen to be on the picture with the finest of this weekend.
We were all very keen to dive in.

This is a caricature of organising caricaturist Robert Justin .
He sure looks happy. Maybe as happy as the others were to be part of this.
Magic happened.

to be continued.......

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