Pageviews van de afgelopen week

zaterdag 30 december 2006

When I heard they were going for an fast execution, I decided to make a caricature, while I still had the chance, but the news is sometimes much faster than I am....
anyway, I might as well post this....

maandag 25 december 2006

Merry Christmas ,everyone.
Had people over all day today, so tonight, when I found time to switch on the computer,I found out that James Brown died.
Sad news.
Here's to a music-icon.
There's gonna be some wild parties above here.......

zaterdag 23 december 2006

Found some nice pictures of tommy Lee Jones. Had to do this one!
I hope you like this drawing.I had alot of fun doing it.Changed technique just a little.Everything else is still the same, A3 size, monolith....

zondag 17 december 2006

Hi, Back again.
Still doing the drawings with the same Monolith pencils. Haven't touched the colored ones lately. Too tired. Maybe this week I'll try to restart ,I think they will give a nice result eventually.

I try to move away from anatomically correct drawings.I think a caricature is by definition NOT anatomically correct. Of course one has to know a thing or two about them.
So I looked for a victim with a face that's beggin' to be deformed. I thought of the face as being a piece of rubber,and pulled out the cheek that way.

zaterdag 16 december 2006

I got carried away a bit with one of the cheeks...So I changed it digitally. It was either enlarge the left side ,or shrink the right side, I went for the easiest of the two...While I was at it, I played with the teeth too ;)

I hope it is somewhat improved.If not, I for one had some good fun with it ! I know some folks thought it was funny.

vrijdag 15 december 2006

I'm in a new job now, I'm still learning the ropes over there ,and it takes up some time I usually had before, on wich I drew and drew, and drew, and if I had some time left, I would make a drawing...Sleeping will be for the next life, this one is getting too much fun !
This one took me a whole week to complet.As promessed, Ronaldinho, with overbite. A3 sized,made with my all time favourite drawing tool, the Monolith. Advised to all...

Hope you like the drawing. I am quite happy with it.

zondag 10 december 2006

Here's another member of E Caricatures, Kaya. I'm having so much difficulties getting her right.The likeness always seems to be off somehow. After I forgot how many tries, I decide to leave it like that.
The shades of grey are better in the original, but I'm improving on taking pictures of drawings.....

donderdag 7 december 2006

I tried another in Monolith's. I'm quite happy with the result, but maybe I'll try a more "dared" exaggeration later.We'll see...
I will add this one to the December contest on the E caricatures forum

I will hear soon how good/bad this one is. Everyone concentrates on the teeth, so I tried to focus on something else.I found his eyes the most popping part.Why? On almost every picture this man looks happy.How many happy people do you see in ONE day ?
Mind you next (if any next) will also focus on giant bite material...Have fun !

zondag 3 december 2006

aqua monolith pencils

Bought me some aqua monolith pencils,to try my hand at. I copied two live drawings I saved to disk earlier, to look at how it's done.
After that I drew these two,from pictures I had on my disk.

donderdag 30 november 2006

New forum member

This is a new forum member called CERI .She just joined our forum at

Format is A3 size again. Same pencils as before.

Wow I finally started this up !

I finally went for it, and started this blog.
I will use this mostly for displaying my progress with original drawings.
At this point I mainly use CretaColor Monolith pencils.Who knows what the future brings? We'll find out here eventually.
For starters I show you my latest one, James Blond... Hope you like it.
Photographed badly, I need to find the trick to do this right.
Size is A3.