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zondag 25 maart 2007

Angry at Europe ?

Finally hed time to do one I've been meaning to do for a long time....Whoopi !
And while I was at it I stumbled upon another picture I could not NOT do....

zaterdag 24 maart 2007

For the 10th time a caricature festival takes place in Samer (Fr)
This picture is from the website of the city of Samer
The outer right image is made by me (Abbé Pierre)
I am giving the original drawing (A3 size) as a present over there. With some luck they'll like it...

I really look forward to seeing some of the friends I made over there. Artists that will be present are :
Serdu , Deroubaix ,Joyeux ,Da Costa ,Borot, Justin ,Delcambre.

I hope I will see some of you over there.

vrijdag 16 maart 2007

Easter weekend is coming along .... For the third time in a row ,I'm going to be in Samer (France), Where the yearly "Salon de l' Humour et de la caricature" takes place. 10th edition this year, and I am privileged to be asked to be there.
These nice people here are Bernard and Liliane (Liane) Pochet, we could stay at their house during this weekend. I intend to give it to them as a present. Hope you like it.
I so look forward to being present at this lovely town ,and meet these friendly coleagues-caricaturists.......