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maandag 30 april 2007

Petit Robert

This is a great friend of mine.He is the driving force behind local ,young beginning artists. And he has encouraging things to say to other, more experienced artists. He has touched me deeply with his nice personallity. This is Robert Justin. friend/colleague

Voici un de mes grands amis.
Il est un véritable catalyseur pour des jeunes artistes locaux et débutants.
Et il peut également être très encourageant pour des artistes plus expérimentés (grace à ses conseils)
Sa personnalité généreuse (sa gentillesse) m'a profondément touché.
C'est Robert Justin. ami/collègue

zondag 29 april 2007

This is my contribution to the contest of Denis Grand.
I hope to encourage people this way to participate on that contest.
to participate, go to the link below the caricature.
Name of this person is Jacques Prevert.

donderdag 26 april 2007

Here's another new friend I like to keep contact with.
He and his lovely wife were a real bonus to the caricatures festival of Samer. Thanks for your company, Jean Marc Borot !

Voici un autre nouvel ami que j'aime garder le contact avec. Lui et sa belle épouse étaient un bien bonus au festival de caricatures de Samer. Merci pour votre compagnie, Jean-Marc Borot !

maandag 23 april 2007

zondag 22 april 2007

à mon nouvel ami BODARD.

Here's a new friend I made in France, Samer.
I will do another one soon a another new friend , Borot.

merçi pour un weekend memorable.

zaterdag 14 april 2007

Here's the nightingale of Samer.A beautyfull girl that enlightened a whole evening at a dinner in Samer.
Everybody jumped to the occasion to draw her , moreover, she started kissing everybody that has drawn her.As soon as I found that out, I safely hided my drawing to finish at home. Just a close escape if you ask me !


woensdag 11 april 2007

These are the Ten caricaturists that joined the festival.
in order of appearance (left to right, and down) they are:
Borot ,Deroubaix ,Serdu ,Da Costa, Denis Grand, Hanzz, Bodard , JM Renault,Joyeux and organising artist Robert Justin .

I think I may call all of them friends of mine. I intend to keep contact with most of them.

Here's some of the victims I caricatured.Though I'm not used to doing this, (only the second time ever) I'm really happy with the result.
I know these people were too. Some were in pencil, others in painted in ink.

dinsdag 10 april 2007

SAMER 2007

This weekend, Samer was the place to be for anyone interested, or involved in the art of caricatures.
We had a great weekend, one of the best and funniest of my life.I'll show you some pictures, there are more to come, I can assure you that.
Here I am with Robert Justin.We were asked to do a caricature of Abbé Pierre.I did mine on A3 size, framed it, and gave it as a present to him. He even liked it....

This is the group of caricaturists on arrival, and some locals who were all to keen to be on the picture with the finest of this weekend.
We were all very keen to dive in.

This is a caricature of organising caricaturist Robert Justin .
He sure looks happy. Maybe as happy as the others were to be part of this.
Magic happened.

to be continued.......